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This page is dedicated to documentation of 2nd Bio-HAck Academy in Tehran Held at Center for excellence in Architectural technology by CARBON Ideas Studio|FabLab, started from 15th September 2015. This page would be managed by Ali Mirakbari, the Local coordinator/Tutor of program. It would be used also to share learning materials with participants during course.This is an educationl program of Waag Society Amsterdam; held for the first time in the Spring of 2015. The course is fully open source and distributed through partner labs around the globe.


October, 20, 2015: I used 123d Circuit and started a simulation for Incubator electronic design. I wish it can help you know more about basics of electronics and encourage you to use this useful online platform to improve your electronic skills.

October, 16, 2015: Google Drive folder Share files and photos during course. use your own dedicated sub-folder.

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